Are Purity Balls Creepy? Your answer may depend on your cultural upbringing – and that may make the whole concept even creepier.

I have heard so much from Sarah Palin and her supporters in the last few months about praying – praying Sarah into office, praying for a McCain win, calling on God to “defend” His own name against all those other gods of all those other people who are praying for an Obama presidency (remember? Hindu, […]

Yesterday I posted the contents of a very creepy email that I received. I jumped the gun and I want to set the record straight. This morning, I went beyond checking out the web site of the supposed church listed in the email and did a search for Faith Covenant Ministries – which I should […]

This appeared in my Inbox this morning and again this afternoon. I get LOTS and LOTS of spam but this is just special. IMPORTANT READ THIS IMMEDIATELY I am Prophet David Johnson, I went for a prayer mission in HAITI and the Lord revealed so many things about you to me. I see things and […]

Sarah Palin & Spiritual Warfare Let’s talk about unsavory association for a moment. Forget the Alaska secession and take a look at what the people she prays with believe. They believe that their prayer is responsible for death and destruction of those who are ‘against us’ – and who is that? How about Mother Theresa […]