This was posted as a response to a friend’s post on Facebook. I had to steal and repost because … uh… well, you’ll see _exactly_ how we liberals and Democrats are responsible for Trump’s win. I’m calling it found poetry and titling it “The Battle Cry of the Fragile White Male”  – Translations are in […]

And Other Answers for Michael Reagan Conservative radio host Michael Reagan, son of former president Ronald Reagan told online newsrag Newsmax today that the president shouldn’t have appointed a political guy to be the Ebola czar. He’d much rather have TV medical charlatan Dr. Oz.

Did Elizabeth Warren side with insurance companies against asbestos victims? The Travelers insurance case is a lot more complicated than the media would like you to believe.

In last night’s MSNBC coverage of the Democratic Convention, Chris Hayes drew this contrast between Clinton compromises and Obama compromises. It’s definitely worth a watch. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy And there’s some truth.

Mitt Romney and the Republicans agree with the president that businesses benefit from public investments in infrastructure and education. They just think corporations shouldn’t have to pay for using them.

Do you think the Obama campaign is drawing inspiration for their “where are the tax returns?” push from the birth certificate debacle? It’s been interesting watching and listening to this developing over the weekend. I’m hearing questions and comments about Mitt Romney’s tax returns that sound a whole lot familiar to anyone who followed the […]

So I turn on the TV this morning and the first thing I see is Brian Baker, the general counsel for the Joe Ricketts Ending Spending super PAC that’s supporting Romney. For anyone who slept through yesterday’s hysterics, that’s the super PAC embroiled in controversy after the New York Times published details about the Jeremiah […]

Mitt Romney, in repudiating the so-called Rickerts Plan to Stop Barack Hussein Obama Spending Once and For All, popped out a couple of totally AWESOME quotes that tell you all you really need to know. First: “There’s a fiction that you can get rich by stripping a company of its assets and pocketing the profits…Now […]

Mitt Romney may have said a bit more about his beliefs about religion than he did about treason when he made this statement in response to the infamous treason remarks at his campaign event yesterday. “I happen to believe that the Constitution was not just brilliant, but probably inspired, and so was the Declaration of […]

Steve Rhodes /Free Photos As usual, Morning Joe is on in the background as I work this morning. The big subject this morning is the shameful attack on capitalism aka vulture capitalism is a good thing. Over and over, Scarborough has trotted out the Republican mantra — Bain Capital was just practicing capitalism and hey, […]

  I listened to Mittens’s victory lap after the primaries last night and tried to put my finger on what was wrong about it. I could feel it in my bones, but couldn’t put my finger on it until this morning. Now I’m listening to Joe Scarborough going on and on about “the politics of […]

Donald Trump Thumps MSNBC Hosts on Obama’s Birth Certificate 3/31/2011 Lots of conversation this week about Trump’s idiocy, cynicism and disingenuousness in demanding to see the President’s “real” birth certificate — as opposed, I suppose, to the one that’s officially issued by the state and serves as proof that he was born in the state […]

Just posting a quick, pre-emptive note on the playing of the national anthems at this morning’s reception for Chinese President Hu — yes, yes, the band did, indeed, play the Chinese national anthem before the U.S. national anthem. No, this is not further proof that the U.S. is bowing down to the Chinese, nor that […]

Last night, in his speech at the Tucson memorial, President Obama called on us to live up to the image of democracy held by 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green.  This morning, Sam Stein had this to say at Huffpo: Challenging an audience to live up to a child’s expectation would seem noteworthy only for the low […]

It’s heartening to know that when the U.S. is facing major crises — things like thousands of people losing their homes through fraudulent mortgage foreclosures, millions coming up against the end of their unemployment benefits with no jobs in sight and the renewal of a nuclear arms treaty that has helped us keep track of […]

Found in my drafts folder — and posted because the message is pertinent this week, when we here in Massachusetts hit the polls in the primaries. This was written the morning after Scott Brown was sworn in as our second senator last February. It’s about the real message that Massachusetts Democrats were sending–and it’s one […]

Sometimes I just gotta laugh, and this is one of those times. Look, these are serious times. I know that. And it’s showing in the Senate and the strain that shows on the Senate floor. Yesterday, OMG, Al Franken did the absolutely unthinkable and – are you ready for this? – told Joe Lieberman that […]

…with the oddest people. Donnie Deutsch may be a plastic-coifed Barbie’s Ken wannabe, but every once in a while he says or does something that makes me want to kiss him. He did one of those things this morning on Morning Joe (without Joe, who is, according to Mike, very very sick). The tele’d in […]

Color me amused. About a year and a half ago, I watched in rather unbelieving amusement as a bunch of Republican congressmen turned Congress into more of a sideshow than usual when they  “occupied the House floor” after Nancy Pelosi dismissed the chamber for the August recess. Frankly, it was hilarious watching a bunch of […]

Mike Barnicle has been making this argument about getting health care reform done now: This summer, all over the country families are sitting down to decide what they want to do on vacation – maybe they want to go out to dinner once a week, or spend a weekend at the water park. And they […]

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