In case you missed this on yesterday’s Melissa Harris-Perry, it’s must-see video. This is what righteous anger from a strong woman looks like: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

…check out what happened when two former Jordanian politicos squared off on a talk show on live talk show in Jordan.

markhillary /Free Photos Every once in a while, I click on “news of the wierd” type stories on HuffPo — you know, the kind of thing you usually find as filler in local papers. This morning, I clicked on a story with the headline “Man Alleges He Bought Safe with $26,000 In It on eBay“. […]

Fast on the heels of reports that Hawaii’s new governor is going to do whatever he can to put a stop to birtherism, we get this explanation about the origins of birtherism from the Keith Olbermann show — birtherism originated when the Obama campaign posted the short form birth certificate on the campaign website.

Am I the only one who thinks that “Most Americans believe the stimulus has not created any jobs” is not an answer to “Has the stimulus created any new jobs?”

…with the oddest people. Donnie Deutsch may be a plastic-coifed Barbie’s Ken wannabe, but every once in a while he says or does something that makes me want to kiss him. He did one of those things this morning on Morning Joe (without Joe, who is, according to Mike, very very sick). The tele’d in […]

Dear Morning Joe

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Dear Joe, Lately, you’ve been musing a lot about things like why the president’s approval rating on things like health care and the economy is dropping. You’ve been asking dramatically why people are so. afraid. of. change. You wonder why the polls show that fewer and fewer people like the “president’s health care plan” or […]

Good on Carlos Watson this morning for pushing back against Rep. Mike Pence’s attempt to score talking points with the low math-low-info crowd. In a conversation about the cost of health care reform, Pence asserted that the bill currently in committee would raise taxes by $1 trillion dollars. At that point, Watson interrupted Pence to […]

Can we talk about the things that most “liberals” don’t understand? Here’s the thing. I keep listening to the cable news and the so-called mainstream media and – okay, listening isn’t quite the right word. My living room is the scene of some pretty loud and vocal one-way debates that consist of me yelling at […]

This morning, I’m live-blogging the live chat with Jack Welch over at MSNBC . Last time I tried this was when they had author John Grisham on – for three minutes before the station’s firewall made it impossible for him to connect. Let’s hope that they do better with it this morning. Right now, I’m […]

I grew up in Boston. I’ve been reading Mike Barnicle’s column since high school. In a lot of ways, I grew up with Mike. He’s one of the reasons that I watch Morning Joe. I like Mike, even if I find myself rolling my eyes at him more often than not. He’s an old-style newspaper […]

Cardinals FTW?

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For you betting folks who believe in omens and superstitions (and don’t the two go hand in hand?) – I’ve got a news flash: Pair of cardinals sitting on my back yard fence yesterday morning. In Massachusetts. In January. In the middle of a snowstorm. I gotta figure that they were there to deliver a […]

Okay, so Suze Orman didn’t exactly tell Sarah Palin to grow up, but it was close. In a conversation this morning on Morning Jawbreaker, Orman said that Palin should be “mature enough” to ignore media criticism directed at her instead of whining that Katie Couric picked on her and made her look bad. Considering that […]

There are some things I hear repeated day after day that just drive me nuts. These little nuggets of “everybody knows it’s true” misinformation form the building blocks of really really huge lies that are getting sold to us as THE TRUTH. They get repeated so often that people simply accept them as fact and […]

I did mention a few days ago that I adore Zbigniew Brezinski, yes? He just totally totally solidified everything I’ve ever felt about him. Morning Blowhard was blathering away in his usual style, reacting indignantly that “you can’t blame the current Israeli/Palestinian situation on the Bush administration” and then he hit it with a comment […]

For the past few weeks, media figures from all the networks, newspapers and talking heads have been repeating the misleading talking point that UAW members at the Big 3 make the equivalent of $73 an hour in salary and benefits. Media Matters has consistently corrected this (at the Washington Times), day (at Fox News) after […]

So all right. I’m not an economist. I don’t have any letters after my name so I’m talking from a pure common sense perspective here. After reading about how our tax policies encourage corporations to invest in jobs overseas, I have a suggestion for economists to mull over and poke holes in. The Harvard Tax […]

Sarah Palin & Spiritual Warfare Let’s talk about unsavory association for a moment. Forget the Alaska secession and take a look at what the people she prays with believe. They believe that their prayer is responsible for death and destruction of those who are ‘against us’ – and who is that? How about Mother Theresa […]

This has been hanging around in my drafts folder for a while – just another of those musings on things that I’m hearing coming out of the non-media. Gotta love the delusion that makes this sound reasonable: Ever since Obama announced that (finger-quotes) the gloves are off (finger-quotes), every time I question anything about his […]

The McCain-Palin Mob Just watch it. Hat-tip to Clarus Visum for this one: If ignorant hate was currency, one rally could bail everyone out. Can I have that on a t-shirt? Please? CV also asks a question that’s been bubbling in my mind for days – are they trying to rile up some kook to […]

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