Donald Trump Thumps MSNBC Hosts on Obama’s Birth Certificate 3/31/2011

Lots of conversation this week about Trump’s idiocy, cynicism and disingenuousness in demanding to see the President’s “real” birth certificate — as opposed, I suppose, to the one that’s officially issued by the state and serves as proof that he was born in the state of Hawaii. A big part of the conversation is about the effect Trump’s BS has and will have on the political conversation, and on whether or not it makes him a viable candidate for the presidency. They’re missing the real point here… it’s not about whether it makes Trump crazy or crafty — it’s about how it makes other Republican candidates look.In fact, while the issue of the President’s birth certificate has been pushing further and further into the national discussion, Trump’s high-profile championing of the cause as a “presidential candidate” — those are air quotes, y’all — does one thing that no one seems to be recognizing. By pushing the crazy as publicly as he does, he makes candidates like Pawlenty — whose got his own crazy going — look downright sane by comparison. It’s a whole lot easier to vote for a Pawlenty or a Daniels or a Romney — all of whom have some pretty radical ideas for the country — if you can point at The Donald and say, “At least they’re not like him.”


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