It’s heartening to know that when the U.S. is facing major crises — things like thousands of people losing their homes through fraudulent mortgage foreclosures, millions coming up against the end of their unemployment benefits with no jobs in sight and the renewal of a nuclear arms treaty that has helped us keep track of whose got the capability of destroying the world — it’s nice to know that when those things are happening, our Congress has the ability to focus on what’s really, really important to the country loud television advertisements.

Yep, while the Senate Republicans make it clear that they won’t agree to vote on anything EXCEPT tax cuts for the top 2% of the country — to which most of them belong and most of us do not — and the House Republicans voted in unison to deny tax cuts to the bottom 98% — to which few of them belong and most of us do — there is one shining light, one issue so important that it has cleared both chambers of the house and is headed for the President’s desk.

Thanks to the pioneering efforts of our bold elected officials, we’ll soon be rid of one of the sources of daily stress in our lives — television commercials that are louder than the scheduled programming we’re watching. The new law gives the FCC the power to regulate the volume of television ads instead of telling consumers to use their mute volumes or buy a new TV that comes equipped with a volume stabilizer. The FCC is not allowed to tell Comcast that they can’t slow down your internet if they don’t like what you’re reading, but it can now tell television stations to turn down the volume on advertising across the board. Huzzah to the people’s elected officials — apparently they do know how to get things done, as long as those things really don’t matter at all.


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