Mika’s response to the statement that the Obama team considers “welfare programs” like increased food stamps, extended unemployment benefits and increased aid to states for Medicaid to be stimulative: a startled laugh and “You’ve got to be kidding!”

Well, no, sweetheart, we’re not kidding. And I seriously long for your father to give you one of those scathing, “Your knowledge of the situation is so stunningly superficial that you’re an embarrassment to me” comments. Because seriously, if you think that an increase in the budget for food stamps, unemployment benefits and Medicaid is “only stimulative in the long term” then you have no fucking understanding of how economies move. But then, that shouldn’t be surprising at all. After all, you sit next to morning Blowhard every morning and listen to his know-nothing bluster.

What’s not stimulative in the LEAST is cutting capital gains taxes. It has not EVER proven effective before. EVER. The only tax cuts that have any remote chance of having an immediate effect on loosening up the economy are payroll tax cuts for working families who are barely surviving – and here’s the reason why. Those folks are not going to put an extra $20 or $30 or $50 a week into a bank account or a sock under their pillow. They’re not going to save it up till they have the ideal conditions to invest it in a new shopping mall (which will fail because no one has the money to shop there and none of the businesses that would have rented there are in business any longer because y’know, we concentrated on giving the mall developer a capital gains tax cut and ignored the folks that put money in his pocket).

And can we stop calling this a stimulus package? WE don’t call it a stimulus package – we call it a recovery package. We can’t fucking stimulate a dead economy – and if we don’t stop the goddamned bleeding by preventing the loss of hundreds of thousands more jobs we’ll have a freaking dead economy and nothing to stimulate.


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