I’m sitting here listening to the tide turning and shaking my head in disgust – not at our President, but at the total ridiculousness of the mainstream and cable news media. We’re hearing all over the place how the president’s approval ratings are taking a huge hit, the whole country is disappointed, the president is disgusted with the Democrats for stuffing the bill full of pork, nothing has changed, nothing has changed, nothing has changed. Can I just say that if I hear one more right-wing knee-jerk nutcase go into orgasmic overload about how “our Messiah” has betrayed us all but they knew better all along, I’m going to figure out a way to crush nuts through the screen.

Hey, wingnut!!
We didn’t call him Messiah. YOU did. We know damned well and always have that Barack Obama is not the Second Coming. He never pretended to be. That was a tag you hung on him. The funny thing is, if he could actually get things passed without your wing-numb-knockers tripping all over yourself and spitting up on it, you may turn out to have been ironically right.

Hey, nutjob!!
Your heroes have been lying to you for the past 40 years. Let’s get something straight, knucklehead – or is that dittohead? Your big mouthed hero doesn’t know dick – or maybe the problem is that he knows Dick way too well. Rush is the L. Ron Hubbard of the Conservative Right world. He figured out a way to make a fortune by feeding your hate and your ignorance – and then like an idiot, he started to believe his own lies. Get this through your freakin’ noggin. Since Raygun Ronnie, this country has been heading for the toilet, heading back into the Third World and you were too fucking blind to see it because you bought into the totally anti-Christian notion that God will make you rich if you’re good and if you’re poor it’s because God thinks you suck. Remember Job, anyone? Yeah, fuckwit. You’ve been misled by a bunch of tools who got rich on your donations and promised you that if you kept giving them money and kissed their asses enough, you’d get rich too.

We had built a Great Society, one respected across the world, because here, in America, if you worked hard, if you saved your money, if you busted your butt, you got treated RIGHT because the gubmint made sure that you got treated right. We had rules about how much you had to be paid, and they were fair. Here’s how you know they were fair. All those years that the auto companies and big business were screaming about the Unions holding them up and squeezing them out of business? Yeah. Not many of them failed, chilluns. In fact, they did pretty damned well. And they did pretty damned well because the people that worked for them did pretty damned well. It wasn’t until we started stripping away the regulations that everything started swirling around the crapper.

Let’s get it straight, okay?
You don’t repair the economy by giving more money to the assholes that fucked us up in the first place. Or better yet, the ONLY way to rebuild the economy is to put money in the hands of people who spend it and big business has proven time and again that they’d rather starve their base than part with a few extra pennies of profit. Look.

Taxes are taxes, okay? It doesn’t fucking matter if I pay it as taxes on my income or if I pay it as salary taxes or if I pay it as sales tax or property tax. No matter how I pay it, it’s money that I earned and am paying out into the government coffers. When you cut the amount of taxes that I have to pay, you give me more money to spend. And trust me, it WILL get spent. And it won’t get spent on shoddy-ass products made by some big company that moved its factory to India or China because the government there hasn’t yet figured out that killing people with pollution just ain’t good for your country, okay? It will get spent on food at the supermarket, which will then not have to close its doors or lay off a dozen cashiers and a pair of butchers and two managers because there are 20,000 or so more people like me spending an extra $25 a week at the register. Oh, and they’ll be ordering more milk from the local dairy and more bread from the bakery across town and more cookies that have to be trucked across the country so the truckdrivers stay in work and the gas stations? Well, they get to stay open, too.

And that’s just one aspect of the plan and the ripple effect it will have.

Hey, numbskull — yeah, you over there, bitching about the $2 million to some city in Indiana to build a public golf course and calling it pork and saying it won’t help stimulate the economy, and besides, why the fuck should we be funding a golf course in Indiana? Let’s start with the 53 people they say will get put to work immediately. Every single one of those 53 people will be another person not collecting unemployment – and probably not food stamps either. Every single one of those 53 people will be spending money in the community AND paying taxes into the Fed, got that much? Okay. Now. Once that golf course and clubhouse is built, it’s not going to run itself. It’s going to need greenskeepers, and staff, and golf instructors, and folks to work at the snack bar and the restaurant, and it will also generate revenue, yes?

Now here’s the part that I just don’t get. Those things are so freaking clear and obvious – why the HELL isn’t SOMEONE explaining it that way? Why the hell aren’t the idiots on the cable and network TV challenging the idiots who claim the big lies like “spending doesn’t stimulate the economy, tax cuts to corporations do” and “this whole thing is the fault of the Community Reinvestment Act” and “Glass-Steagall was passed by a Democrat” Okay – the last one is half-true. It was passed by a Republican Congress under Clinton – a veto-proof Republican Congress.

Since when does bipartisanship mean “I’ll use your lousy ideas even though I know they won’t work”?

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