I grew up in Boston. I’ve been reading Mike Barnicle’s column since high school. In a lot of ways, I grew up with Mike. He’s one of the reasons that I watch Morning Joe. I like Mike, even if I find myself rolling my eyes at him more often than not. He’s an old-style newspaper columnist, grab an idea by the teeth and run with it, check your facts later, you’ve got a deadline to meet – leave the fact-checking to the investigative reporters. So – I cut the guy some slack when he latches onto some stupid thing that some idiot says because it makes great headlines. I wasn’t too too surprised when I read yesterday in a Media Matters bulletin that he’d gone off about how wrong it is to cap bank salaries at $5ook without mentioning that his wife works at Bank of America. Well, apparently, Mike reads Media Matters too. This morning, as the banker salary caps came up again, Barnicle held up a hand-printed card reading

My wife works for Bank of America

Everyone got a chuckle out of it, and the conversation moved on. So much nicer than Bill O’Reilly’s whining and defensiveness whenever MM mentions his name. That’s why I can like Barnicle even when he’s an idiot.

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