This morning on MSNBC, Savannah Guthrie announced the reason that the Obama camp has been so reticent with WWD and other top fashion industry mags about what Michelle is wearing to the Inauguration. Get this:

Michelle Obama has not decided what she’s wearing for the Inauguration yet.

That’s right. The Inauguration is less than 24 hours away, and she hasn’t decided what she’s going to wear. If you’re a woman, there’s a good chance that you’re jaw is hanging open right now. I mean we, as a culture, obsess about “what to wear”. I mean this is the inauguration that featured the “dress registry” so that women don’t show up at the balls wearing the same gown as another woman. I mean that early last week, the editor of Women’s Wear Daily was complaining that the magazine usually had sketches of the First Lady’s inaugural dress a couple of weeks before the Inauguration.

What does it mean that Michelle Obama is apparently planning to open her closet tomorrow morning and say, “What do you think, honey? Should I wear the blue one?”

Well, among other things, it probably means that she hasn’t had something tailored and stood around getting her dress fitted. I suspect it means that she is confident and strong enough to be comfortable in whatever she chooses to wear. That she doesn’t expect the world to judge her on the clothes that she wears. That her clothes take a back seat to her intelligence, her personality and her achievements. That she’s not treating the Inauguration as a red carpet event. And I think that’s all awesome.

I love the fact that Michelle Obama wears her clothes comfortably. And I hope that it presages an era when dressing normally and comfortably is seen as – well – fashionable.

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