I’m still blinking at that statement. Bush’s final press conference, he’s asked about the negative view that others have of the United States. He says that he disagrees with the assessment that our country is viewed negatively, that “most people respect America” and that we are viewed as “strong, compassionate people”. And I’m still blinking. I don’t know who this man has been talking to, or who has been speaking with him but obviously, they are lying to him. Either that or he is seriously deluded if he believes that MOST people abroad view the U.S. in a positive light.

He also believes that the markets are thawing after the first $350 billion hit the banks, that he has never felt isolated, and that President-elect Obama will not feel the “burden” of the presidency because he has a “fabulous family” that is a 45 second commute away from work.

I have to say this — as much as I disagree with nearly everything that Bush says, I find myself kinda liking the man personally in this interview, or at least understanding those who do like him. I get Dana Perino’s assertion to Jon Stewart the other night that Bush is actually witty and fun to be around. This is a man, after all, who joked with one reporter “you used to be SuzANN, now your SuzAHN – I’m Zheorge..” and teased another about “being asleep in the back row there”. He congratulated another reporter on having risen to the White House beat and assures him that he will love his position in an Obama administration.

But he still refuses to take any responsibility for mistakes made by his administration. He still believes that the government response to Katrina was timely. He still believes that we were right to invade Iraq because the most important mission of the United States is to “spread democracy” and without our intervention, the Iraqis would not now have a democratically elected government.

And my overall reaction to Bush’s final official news conference is — thank God it’s nearly over.

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