I did mention a few days ago that I adore Zbigniew Brezinski, yes? He just totally totally solidified everything I’ve ever felt about him. Morning Blowhard was blathering away in his usual style, reacting indignantly that “you can’t blame the current Israeli/Palestinian situation on the Bush administration” and then he hit it with a comment about Arafat walking away from a Clinton agreement that “gave them everything they wanted”. Brezinski broke in with “Your knowledge of the situation is so stunningly superficial“. Scarborough, of course, can’t let it go and turned it into a personal insult. He hasn’t stopped whining about it yet. And typically, he waited till the elder Brezinski was off the set before threatening “He gets a pass this time, but next time Big Daddy will be hitting back just as hard as the Chief”. Did it hurt his widdle feelings to be called out for what he is? Seriously… Brezinski only said that Scarborough’s knowledge on this one issue is seriously lacking, and he’s still whining about being slapped down like a mouthy 16-year-old who thought he could hold his own with the big boys. My take on it?  “Joe, darlin’, you’ve never had a shoe fit you better.”

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