I just ran across this posting on craigslist.org and had to share – this is what love is all about.

Offer: Kitchen & doors still open. Help is here ( Douglas)

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Date: 2008-12-21, 10:28AM EST

5th Day—Help is still here!!!My kitchen &
doors are still open to anyone still without power.Warm house,hot
food,laundry room,use of electricity for charging phones etc.Also have
a extra living room if you need family time while you are here.A lot of
good movies for all ages.We’ll add extra water to the soup,and add an
extra table or 2 or 3 & some more chairs.Plenty of room for all in
need.This has been a wonderful experience for me,& I have met a lot
of very nice people.Plenty of caring,giving and love to go around. Thnx

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