UPDATED 10-20-08

Hack voting machines to randomly change Democrat votes to Republican
In Winfield WV, three voters report that their votes for Barack Obama kept switching over to John McCain. This was after three voters in Jackson County told the Charleston Gazette that their votes kept flipping from Obama to McCain. Both counties are overseen by Republican electoral committees.

Register to vote in the wrong state for bigger stakes than one vote
Mark Jacoby, who runs Young Political Majors, the group that has been used by the Republican party to register Republican voters – and which has been accused of fraudulently changing people’s registrations from Democrat to Republican and registering Republican voters through false statements (most of them had no idea that they were signing a voter registration card) – has been arrested in California for fraudulently registering to vote. The reason? You can’t gather signatures for voter registrations unless you are eligible to vote in California. Jacoby’s lawyer says it is his parents’ home. According to the LA County DA’s office:

“We contacted people at the addresses where he registered, and they have no idea who he is,” said Dave Demerjian, head deputy of the public integrity unit at the L.A. County district attorney’s office.

Trick people into changing their party affiliation
So what’s the big deal? They can still vote Democrat, right? As the article points out, when you’re removed from the Democrat voter list, you may not get notices from the party, you won’t be allowed to vote in primaries, and it combats the image that the Democrats are far outstripping the Republicans in gathering voters. In addition, some counties in California base funding on proportion of registered voters of each party. updated above

Throw away voter registration cards for Democrat voters
75,000 voter registration cards and other voter documents which included personal information like addresses, names and social security numbers were found in a dumpster in working class Fulton County in SW Atlanta Georgia. Many were for active voters… no further details, though it sounds like a ‘clerical error’ – someone threw them out when they should have shredded them after they were entered into the database? Are they supposed to discard these cards? Were they actually confirmation cards? Can’t find a followup on this at all.

More trashing of Democrat voter registrations
This one is in Las Vegas from 2004 – who knows how many Democrat voters thought they were registered and found out that they weren’t at the polls?

Jam phones at the Democrat offices so that they can’t schedule rides to pick up voters to vote on Election Day
Sounds pretty bizarre, doesn’t it? But it happened in New Hampshire in the 2002 elections. The executive director of the NH GOP hired a telemarketing firm from Idaho to jam the lines to a Democrat get out the vote center for two hours on election morning – and it looks like it may have been connected to the White House. You don’t say.

Ignore Voter Fraud when it’s a high profile Republican
Anyone remember the Ann Coulter case? She apparently illegally registered to vote using her real estate agent’s home address – which was also the address listed on her drivers license even though she never lived there. Her actual home address was in another voting district – which is where she showed up to vote. When told that her address was listed wrong and she should change her address so she could vote, she asked where someone from her listed address would vote – and then dashed over to vote there. This wouldn’t be such a hoge deal except – the very few cases that the years of digging have ever turned up are even less an intentional attempt to cast an illegitimate vote. Nearly all have resulted from misunderstandings. They just didn’t have FBI boyfriends to call the county and tell them to lay off.

Hand in bogus registrations and deny it
Tennessee 2006… sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Register to vote in two different states
And the guy is a Republican politician currently living in Texas. In 2003, he registered to vote in both Fairfax County, VA and Newtown, CT, and voted in elections in both places.

Register to vote at your place of business so you can vote for measures that affect it
How about this Texas couple who registered to vote at their business address when they live in another town – after forming a PAC to support a political candidate? The reaction whne they were charged? “What’s the big deal?”

Mail out faulty absentee ballot applications to the opposing party’s constituents
In Milwaukee, the John McCain campaign sent out hundreds of thousands of mailers that included campaign literature and an absentee ballot application form – with the wrong return address – to Democrats.

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