I need to stop watching television, really. I need to stop watching the news. And I really need to learn to turn off the television the moment a Republican apologist opens his or her mouth. In another WTF moment, a McCain talking head demands an apology from John Lewis, while maintaining the RNC’s and McCain’s absolute right to keep stating that Obama “pals around with terrorists”. Okay – I call -bullshit-. If the RNC can take the high road and insist that consistently connecting Obama with an “unrepentant terrrorist”, corrupt politicians and convicted criminal is no more than calling for people to examine his character and truthfulness, then I call the right to talk about the things that the DNC and Obama have NOT brought up about McCain – and I’m not talking about his divorce from his first wife, either. Let’s see..

– okay, we -mentioned- Keating5 – considerably more recent, and with McCain’s direct involvement of a coverup of a group that – go figure – contributed heavily to his campaign, but it hasn’t been mentioned that Cindy McCain stayed with that corporation until just two years ago

– have we mentioned the long-standing but hushed up charges that the ‘war hero’ McCain actually offered military secrets to his captors in return for medical treatment – for a broken leg! – and spent most of the rest of his time in NVA hands living in a compound, drinking tea with his captors, and making broadcasts calling on American soldiers to lay down their arms and surrender? Oh, gosh, nope, hasn’t been brought up by the Dems at all – and anytime someone else brings it up, they’re shouted down for daring to impugn the great hero.

– while we’re talking about Vietnam veterans – how about the continued nagging undercurrent that McCain was complicit in burying efforts to continue searching for missing POWs and MIAs

– oh, and how about the fact that a number of major veteran’s organizations point out that far from being a friend to veterans, McCain has consistently voted against their interests in favor of things that he has decided are better for them – like, y’know, because the programs proposed were ‘too expensive’. Sorry – I’m anti-war, but goddammit, anyone who serves my country in the line of fire <b>deserves</b> medical treatment without question, educational benefits,

– how about the fact that he handed over his name to be used on the letterhead an organization deeply implicated in the Iran-Contra scandal, which planned the assassination of foriegn leaders and funded ‘revolutiionary groups’, giving them money and arms for training – oh, and did we mention that a lot of that money went to um.. shh… terrorists in Afghanistan? Nope, hasn’t been mentioned, but it’s pretty well known.

– has Barack Obama called on McCain to explain his ties to organized crime in Arizona? Do I hear deafening silence?

– lessee – Palin – AIP? Shall we talk about people who hate America? Oh… nope, we’re not screaming about that from the podiums either.

– how about McCain’s connections – not Palin’s, which are a completely different thing – to a radical right-wing church that believes in “purpose driven religion” – and a major part of that “purpose” is to remove all non-Christians from positions of authority in government, business, education, politics, the media, the entertainment industry – hey, wait – they want to take over the world! Oh, wait, we’re not talking about that…

– how about the annointing of Sarah Palin as a Deborah who will help prepare the world to accept Jesus’ second coming? Again… shhh… silence.

Now frankly, if I can dig up this stuff with a very simple web search, we’ve gotta figure that the Obama campaign knows about all these ‘whacko’ charges as well. So… why aren’t we talking about it? How about this one – the Dems aren’t talking about it because they are running on the issues. The only character attack – if you can call it that – that’s been brought out by the Democratic campaign is McCain’s erratic behavior. They’ve called him out right on that every single time.

Frankly, I don’t want a president who will change his mind about policy every three to seven days and tack against the wind.

I don’t want a president who thinks it’s a good policy to play daredevil heroics without consutling or listening to experts.

I don’t want a president who calls his wife a cunt.

I don’t want a president who wings it without thinking, who has been known to jab his finger into the chest of anyone who disagrees with him, who is always right because he changes his position like a windvane.

I DO want a president who can pull diverse people together with a message of hope – not blind optimism, as it has been portrayed, but the belief that TOGETHER we CAN rebuild.

I DO want a president who encourages his constituents to read his positions on his website, to read his opponent’s positions, to listen and compare and see the differences.

I DO want a president who confines his negatives to attacking the policies and plans put forth by his opponent, and his opponent’s record.

I DO want a president who inspires hope rather than fear. Looks like I want Barack Obama. Sorry, Sarah.

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