As of now, I am probably relegating myself permanently to the wingnut conspiracy-theory sideshow. I’m going there because for a few years, I flirted with the edges of the Warrior of God religious right – and I recognized it in her from the night she stepped up on the stage and said she’d be thrilled to serve. She is the sword-bearer, the Deborah, the war-bringer that has been prophesied. To see it, you’d have to step outside your own head and put yourself into the head of someone who has spent 25 years steeped in a church that believes the end days are upon us, steeped in a church that promotes the belief that +Christians+ must take over business and all leadership positions in government and cast out all sin from our midst, in a church whose radical ideas have been branded as heretical by its own denomination.

We’ve heard just a little about Pastor Muthee – the Kenyan preacher who claims to have cleaned up a Kenyan town by ‘discovering’ a witch and driving her out of town. This is only one of four cities that this sect claims to have cleaned up by “Spiritual Warfare” – one of them here in the USA. This is a quote from, where a lot of this is catalogued by various writers of the religious left along with a great deal of other information.

“In 1995, Mary mobilized a prayer network for Alaska’s prisons and began experiencing spiritual warfare as never before. She had received word that a witch had applied for a job as chaplain of the state’s prison system… Mary recalls, “As we continued to pray against the spirit of witchcraft, her incense altar caught on fire, her car engine blew up, she went blind in her left eye, and she was diagnosed with cancer.”

Ultimately, the witch fled to another state for medical treatment. Soon after, revival visited every prison in Alaska. At the women’s correctional facility in Anchorage alone, 55 of 60 inmates found Christ. “Ask largely,” Mary says. “Intercessory prayer is making a major difference in North America.”

The participants of this movement really do believe that their prayers are the cause of destruction of property and injury, or perhaps even the death, of others like Mother Theresa and Princess Diana. And they do clearly profess to believe that others will be forced to accept their beliefs or be destroyed.

The Mary referred to is Mary Glazier, a self-professed Spiritual Warrior who claims a special prayer bond with Sarah Palin. Is it true? Is any of this true? I don’t know – but I think I’m far more afraid of this woman if she believes these things than I could ever be of Obama’s supposed radical terrorist ties.

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