Can someone please explain to me how this makes sense in our world or any alternate world you can imagine?

It is my understanding the numbers on wall street today are due to the increase of unemployment figures,people that have been living off of their credit card lines can not get credit even with credit lines so these folks now have joined the unemployment roll seeking work to bring a pay check in to pay their bills.

This is the reasoning posted today by one of the most vocal Republican conservatives over at the mylot site. It was attached to several paragraphs of praise for the great war hero John McCain and Caribou Barbie and slurs against Barack HUSEIN Obama, along with the obligatory slam that it’s all the fault of the commie conspiracy called acorn because they forced the government to buy houses for people who couldn’t afford them.

I’m not sure what the hell she’s been sniffing but I know that she’s not sniffing it alone. Does it scare anyone else that people like this can vote? It scares the hell out of me. We’re doomed.

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