Sarah Palin & Spiritual Warfare

Let’s talk about unsavory association for a moment. Forget the Alaska secession and take a look at what the people she prays with believe. They believe that their prayer is responsible for death and destruction of those who are ‘against us’ – and who is that? How about Mother Theresa and Princess Diana? How about some poor woman that they decided was a witch?

These are the people that Palin credits with “praying her ” into power. They are hate-mongers. They are hateful people. They are, in words from my Christian past, false prophets seeking earthly power. They have been named heretical, been called out for using prayer as a weapon, been responsible for literal witch hunts that kill people and accused of trying to take over the world.

If this all sounds a little kooky to you, join the club. It sounds a little kooky to a whole lot of us. Unfortunately, kooky people kill and kooky people barricade your business and kooky people turn your neighborhood into hell and kooky people target your children for being unbelievers. And these kooky people are “praying” Sarah into power. If you pray, pray that they don’t succeed. If you think, vote for a message of hope, not fear.

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