And didn’t she show America last Thursday night!! (yeah, that she’s a fucking shameless liar and a huckster)

The person who will, with your help and the help of God, the next vice president of the United States (what is God doing in my politics? And do you really think that He is rooting for the guy that’s all about killing people who don’t agree with us?)

We are taking our case for reform to every person in America.. but we’ll win for YOU!!

I had a little appointment in St. Louis that wouldn’t wait…

McCain will solve the economic crisis and not exploit it (HUH??? Which candidate shamelessly exploited the economic crisis with a fake suspension of his campaign, blew up any kind of hope that a bill would pass, claims that he ‘gave a voice to conservatives who were concerned about any kind of regulation – Mark that: they weren’t against a bailout – they were against REGULATION. In fact, they wanted MORE DEREGULATION and the wanted tax cuts for corporations who created the fucking mess in the first place! THOSE are the heroes???)

It would be nice if just once our opponent would say he wants America to WIN! (It would be nice if your running mate would say just once that he wants people to stop DYING.)

John McCain is a different kind of man. He believes in our troops (which is why he voted 80% of the time to do things AGAINST their interests – don’t ask me. Ask the Disabled Veterans of America, VoteVets and )

Senator McCain served our nation for 22 years and for five of those years he was a POW (Damn, it’s early to start the drinking game!)

McCain was stationed right here in Florida after he graduated (894th of 898 in his class) which is why he deserves your support, Floridians!

Hey, if you’re a veteran, would you raise your hand so we can applaud you!

Some politicians use change to promote their careers, and then there are some leaders like John McCain who use their careers to promote change (real change, like agreeing with the Republican president and his (not)cronies 92% of the time)

Today in Alaska we have a surplus (don’t look at the fact that I funded a huge part of that surplus with YOUR money in the form of earmarks and pork spending from Washington, and that a big chunk of the money that the Alaskan families pocketed had NOTHING to do with my policies)

We’re going to get energy under control (by pouring billions into the oil companies’ drill baby drill agenda – ignore the fact that they haven’t drilled on thousands of acres that they have the lease on)

and we’re going to fix the economy by using the same old voodoo trickle-down economics that have brought you the worst economic times in my lifetime…

and Barack Obama is LYING to you about cutting your taxes, doggone it!!(shhh… my guy’s plan to cut taxes will cost almost a trillion more than his, but we’re not talking about that, okay *wink wink*)

Mainstream media (boo!!) I was just tryna keep Tina Fey in business – job security for SNL characters!

I was getting frustrated and impatient with the silly questions that were being asked when I knew what you people really wanted to know (like how I was the best mayor that Wasilla ever had, gosh darnit!)

Bill Ayers! Bill Ayers! Bill Ayers!! Bill Ayers!!! These are the guys who think that patriotism is paying higher taxes.

This is a man who does not see America as you and I see America! I see America as the greatest source for good in this world! Barack Obama sees this country as imperfect enough to associate with men like Bill Ayers…

I can’t do this anymore because it just really hit home to me, as Palin started in on how America is a shining light on the hill, it IS a good nation, it IS the greatest nation in the world, and everyone started chanting USA USA USA — THIS is the line that Hitler used to mobilize Germany – rampant, uncritical nationalism, promises to make Germany the greatest nation in the world, to reclaim the greatness of the Motherland. I’ve been sick to my stomach for days, and it keeps getting worse and worse. It gets worse as I listen – not just to Palin and not just to McCain – but to people who are bringing out more and more the bugaboo of ‘reckless spending to help minorities’ and ‘failed policies that made wise bankers make loans to minorities who could not afford to pay them back’ and Reverend Wright’s hatred for “White America”, Michelle Obama’s supposed statements against whites, and Obama’s out-of-context statements from his books about mistrusting whites (like any non-white of our generation -trusted- whites?? like they were UNjustified in their mistrust???) – and all the while they claim that THEY are not racist, they are just speaking the truth – it WAS policies – well-intentioned but misguided – to help minorities own homes that led to the current economic crisis.

I want to raise questions about McCain’s fitness to lead when his erratic behavior and obvious confusion during interviews raises questions that his mind is failing. Anyone who has dealt with a parent in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease must be wondering just as I am. I question his integrity when I see lie after lie after bald-faced lie. I question his character when I hear his irascibility whenever a reporter questions the least little bit of anything he says. I question his judgment when he presents us with a vice president who is clearly unfit to lead or follow, who can’t even form a coherent sentence.

A McCain spokesman just called the ‘economy’ the elephant in the room – I see a whole lot of elephants in the room, and the economy ain’t one of them. Racism is a HUGE elephant in the room – McCain’s instability is a HUGE elephant in the room – Palin’s religious beliefs are a HUGE elephant in the room. There are a LOT of elephants in the room – and the elephants are trying to hide them behind a smokescreen of lies and more lies.

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