No, I’m not talking about the Republican party for a change. I’m talking about an interesting little phenomenon that I’m noticing on my favorite little discussion site,, where it concerns talking ideologically vs. doing practically.

It’s hit me before, but it hit me even more forcefully in this discussion about a second economic stimulus package. Interestingly, those who have often been the most vocal against “socialism” and “spreading the wealth” and wasteful government spending – with a couple of exceptions – were the ones most likely to say that the last economic stimulus check “came in handy” and they’ll be happy to see another one.

On the other hand, those most likely to support Obama and his policies – regularly referred to as socialists and Obamunists – are questioning whether sending out small checks to taxpayers is of much use at all, and suggesting that a better use for that money might be to raise the upper limit for food stamp eligibility, extend unemployment benefits and provide local aid packages to be used for infrastructure improvements and maintaining current levels of staffing for civil service employees.

What’s most interesting, though, is how many of the people who chant the “lazy welfare” and “lazy poor people” song mention that they are on food stamps, are living on social security benefits or are receiving some sort of state aid themselves.

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