But The Anonymous Liberal beat me to it. I do still have a post in the works about the building of the ACORN smear, which started with Republican House members claiming that the Big Bailout contained billions in pork earmarked for ACORN. It was at -best- a misrepresentation of a clause that assigned 20% of any profits realized by resale of “troubled assets” to the Housing Trust Fund, which supports efforts to address the effects of the mortgage crisis on homeowners. It’s a huge leap to call it “billions in funding for ACORN” when that money is available to any agency or organization in the country who supports affordable housing and mortgage reduction efforts. It’s an even further leap to contend, as many Republican conservatives now do, that ACORN helped cause the mortgage crisis by forcing banks to lend to homeowners who couldn’t afford the payments when the agency’s path to homeownership program includes workshops on budgeting, saving for a down payment and credit counseling. Add to that the fact that ACORN is loudly outspoken against predatory lending practices and has been one of the largest proponents for disclosure in lending agreements.

This is a political smear campaign that happens every two years, consumes enormous public resources and costs the taxpayer a lot of money – and its only lasting result is to link ACORN, the Democrats and “voter fraud” in the public mind. The use of public servants like prosecutors, FBI agents, police officers and court personnel is the true fraud – and it’s being perpetrated on the American taxpayer.

But what about all those poor electoral office people that you see on television expressing disgust and shock that they’ve just started going through this stack of voter registration cards and the first (insert number here) have all been fraudulent?!?! Doesn’t that support the contention that the group is engaged in a massive effort to overpower the poor overworked people in those offices and open the floodgates to massive voting by people who shouldn’t be allowed to vote?

In a word, no. If anything, it absolutely supports ACORN’s version of things – that they are required by law to hand over EVERY SINGLE VOTER REGISTRATION CARD COLLECTED, and that they separate out the obviously fraudulent ones, flagging them as unverifiable when they hand in the registrations. After all, wouldn’t it make a heck of a lot more sense, if the aim were to set up massive ballot fraud, to scatter those fraudulent registrations throughout legitimate ones? There’s only one reason for any stack of registration cards to contain nothing but fraudulent votes – that they were bundled that way.

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  1. Clarus Visum on October 18, 2008 8:00 pm

    Hey, I beat you to it, too! 🙂

    I blogged about ACORN and what a sham the McCain campaign’s claim is, and I’ve been continually updating the post with more information as I came across it. In fact, I just updated it today, and will probably update it a second time, as I’ve just come across a FactCheck article on it as I am typing this. The post is here:


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