Yesterday I posted the contents of a very creepy email that I received. I jumped the gun and I want to set the record straight. This morning, I went beyond checking out the web site of the supposed church listed in the email and did a search for Faith Covenant Ministries – which I should have done yesterday before posting anything.

The email address listed in the email links it to this web site. This is the actual web site of the church. I’ll save you the trouble of clicking on the links and tell you that the first is a slimmed down version of the actual web site. I’ve contacted Faith Covenant Ministries through their web site to let them know that someone is committing fraud using their name. This is the email that I sent to the church.

I’ve received an email from a man calling himself Prophet David Johnson four times in the past two days purportedly soliciting donations for Faith Covenant Ministries. I do not believe that it is written by anyone associated with your church. The email address listed in the body of the mail belongs to a domain that hosts a version of your web page. Many people will not look beyond that email address and will associate this email with your church. While I am not a member of your congregation, nor do I have any desire to be, I find it reprehensible for a con man to be preying on the good faith of people to steal money from them using the name of any legitimate church.

I’m calling it to your attention so that you can take appropriate steps, whether those steps are publicizing and denouncing the letter or taking legal action. This is an excerpt from the letter – I would be happy to forward the entire thing to you to aid you in debunking it or pursuing legal action.

I am Prophet David Johnson, I went for a prayer mission in HAITI and the Lord revealed so many things about you to me.

I see things and I reveal to people, something terrible which I have seen will happen to you, I just have to tell you, you will lose two important people you love very much, and evil will visit you personally, troubles and problems will leave with you, the things you never never believe that can happen to you, will happen. It has been dated when it will start very soon, sooner than you think.

The Lord reveal everything to me, and your email address appeared to me, after reading this message, if you believe me keep this message for your self alone do not share it with anybody, but if you don’t believe me delete this message and talk to your family, friends and relatives, tell them about the message so when things start happening to you, they will be informed, everything that will happen to you is spiritual, nobody will understand, when you even tell people what is happening to you they will never believe and understand because it is spiritual.

I have warned you now, we can prevent all this, but only if you believe God, but if you don’t believe God, wait and see what will happen.

The letter goes on to solicit donations in any amount to be sent to
and goes on to say:
The church will go on 40 days fasting for you starting from the day you sow a seed for the building of the church. Contact Pastor Emmanuel Anderson, tell Pastor Anderson that you want to contribute for the building of the new church, do not tell him about what I told you, just tell him you want to contribute then ask him how you can sow a seed, do this as quick as possible, nothing is too small and nothing is too big for the Lord do not cheat God again, do this I have told you.

As I said, I’m very willing to forward the entire email to you if you contact me with an address to which it can be forwarded. I have already posted the contents of the letter on my own blog and LJ account, and I will follow up those posts with one that states I don’t believe it comes from your church. I only have a small voice, but I’m willing to use it to spread the word that a false prophet is using your name to defraud people. Please let me know if there’s anything else that I can do.

I stand by my opinion of the whole Prayer Warrior apostolic movement, but I do not believe that this church was responsible for the email that I received. I hope that they’ll publicize it and what is being done in their name.

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