This appeared in my Inbox this morning and again this afternoon. I get LOTS and LOTS of spam but this is just special.


I am Prophet David Johnson, I went for a prayer mission in HAITI and the Lord revealed so many things about you to me.

I see things and I reveal to people, something terrible which I have seen will happen to you, I just have to tell you, you will lose two important people you love very much, and evil will visit you personally, troubles and problems will leave with you, the things you never never believe that can happen to you, will happen. It has been dated when it will start very soon, sooner than you think.

The Lord reveal everything to me, and your email address appeared to me, after reading this message, if you believe me keep this message for your self alone do not share it with anybody, but if you don’t believe me delete this message and talk to your family, friends and relatives, tell them about the message so when things start happening to you, they will be informed, everything that will happen to you is spiritual, nobody will understand, when you even tell people what is happening to you they will never believe and understand because it is spiritual.

I have warned you now, we can prevent all this, but only if you believe God, but if you don’t believe God, wait and see what will happen.

Lord has done so much for you, that you have failed to recognize and you have been cheating God, at this time your email address was revealed to me three times, that’s why I am contacting you, do not think this is a joke or just an email because I know what will be going on in your mind, you are free to believe and disbelief this message, but when evil starts happening there is no going back, I warn you it has been destined and dated, it will start sooner than you think.

As you are reading this message I still see doubt in you, but I will stop here. If you want to prevent all this evil that will hit you soon, I will know and I will tell you what to do.

God reveal to me that you have a lot of doubt in your mind that you will doubt this message.

The reason for writing this message, is because of the strong challenge which you must have to follow to prevent all this evil which will surround you sooner, you will not see them and you can never see them, because it is spiritual, when it starts it cannot stop, it will be as if God has giving you to Satan.

Look this is not a joke, this is what I have seeing and the only prevention is for you not to doubt and do what I will tell you to do, for your soul to be covered in God’s harms. We have to take you back from the Satan if you are ready to follow God’s instructions I will tell you what to do.

I can still see even as I’m writing this message that there is plenty of doubt inside your heart and mind, but you can over power your doubt, only if the evil leaving in your heart will allow you, it will be very difficult for you to do what God’s want you to do, but you can do it only if you put doubt aside.

God told me that we will win you back, but it will be difficult because your heart has been eating by doubt, my only advice to you to remove doubt and keep this message to you self, if you don’t take my advice wait and see.
This is the only way out for you to avoid this evil, you have to sow a seed in the house of the Lord, there is a church we are building in Africa, and we want you to sow a seed in contributing on that church where your name will be writing as one of the people that contributed to stand the house of the Lord where people will enter everyday and pray for you who contributed to put up the structure.

The only way out of this predicament is you must have to contribute for the building of the church, your name must be writing in the church as one of the sponsors that is where your name will be written in the book of life, the book of joy and the book of happiness things will now turn around, when the church is completed everyday service your name will be announced for the church congregation to pray for you.

So you have to sow that seed that is the only message that will take you out of this evil, you name must be writing in that church before it is completed. There’s no way back we will beg you to do this because this is the only way for the evil to turn around, I’m a prophet I don’t talk too much. But if you fail to do what you have been told now, when the predicament start even if you give all you have to the church at that time it will not work, I am warning and begging don’t ignore this message.

The church will go on 40 days fasting for you starting from the day you sow a seed for the building of the church. Contact Pastor Emmanuel Anderson, tell Pastor Anderson that you want to contribute for the building of the new church, do not tell him about what I told you, just tell him you want to contribute then ask him how you can sow a seed, do this as quick as possible, nothing is too small and nothing is too big for the Lord do not cheat God again, do this I have told you.

Give what you have never giving before, give what you feel your heart tells you, remember nothing is too small and nothing is too big for the Lord, contact Pastor Emmanuel Anderson on this e-mail ( and tell him you want to sow a seed, after you have done that, then wait and see how blessing will rain upon your life each day, how you will swim in the rivers of success and joy.

I have given you the information and message which I was asked to give you, so now it is now left for you to believe it and do what you where told or forget it. I will never write you again or reply you, I have told you what I have to tell you, after reading this message you only have two things to do, either you follow the message or not.

I wish you the best in life.

Have a blessed day.


Prophet David Johnson.

The church in question is one of the Pentecostal churches that believe in being Prayer Warriors. Sarah Palin belonged to one of these prayer groups. Does this creep anyone else out?

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