Diddy Ridiculousness Take 1

I really could JUST post the video and I think that most people would agree with me and want to punch this fool upside his head. HOWEVER, it gets better. Roll tape:


Diddy Blog #16 – “John McCain Is Buggin The F%^k Out'”!

Diddy Ridiculousness Take 2


Attention John McCain? P. Diddy doesn’t like your choice for VP. And he’s not going to mention the fact that she’s clearly not qualified for the job for many reasons, not the least of which she was almost thrown out as mayor of a tiny town of 9,000 people, or that she’s only been governor for about a year and a half, or she’s CRAZY (see women’s rights, creationism, or virtually anything that comes out of the woman’s mouth, well snyopsized at BlackJew.net). No, no. He would rather focus on the fact that she’s from Alaska. And not even that she advocated for Alaska seceding the union that she may now be positioned to lead, but just the fact that Alaska doesn’t have Black people or crackheads. I would like to call on the almost 25,000 Black Alaskans to personally go kick P. Diddy’s ass. If not for ignoring their existence, maybe for summing up all of the problems of the Black community into the stereotype of “crackheads” which does double duty of completely ignoring the actual problem of drug use while stereotyping Black people. Way to go Sean!

Oh yes, I almost forgot. You might know P. Diddy by his “government name”: Sean Combs. Government name? Really Diddy? You are not a Black Panther. You are the head of a major record label. Your government name is all over the deeds to your many homes, your private jet, and your CLOTHING LINE. He’s also apparently now going by “Ciroq Obama.” I don’t even know that means. You’re the leader of liqour land? Someone get this man a Burger King crown and a pimp cup, post haste. He’s not quite enough of a stereotype yet.

Nonetheless, Diddy promises to bring out young voters in droves to vote against McCain in November. This statement makes me really mad because (a) Diddy has more in common with John McCain than he has with me or anyone I know, and (2) (yes, I said 2, you want to fight?) he seems to think that he somehow has some pull over young voters. If he does, I am more sad about my generation than I have ever been.

Some general thoughts on the mess above: If you’re going to be the self-anointed political leader of your generation, please at least know what the hell you’re talking about. It is crazy ranting gibberish like this that makes me think that not everyone should get to vote. Or maybe that not everyone should get to have an audience for their craziness. Having people like this on my side makes me look like a fool. I am not a fool. P. Diddy stop making me look like a fool. Read a newspaper, have a conversation, and for the love of my sanity please write some things down before you turn on that damn camera.


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