As a web content writer, one of the things that I try to keep up with is the search terms people use when looking for something on the internet. It’s pretty important when you’re publishing web content because when you know the words that people enter into that little search box, you can try to fit those words into your content where the search engines will find it and hopefully put your web site up near the top of the list when people type those words into the little search box.

One of the things I’ve found consistently amusing with this blog is how people find us. For a while, anything from a search engine came from some variation of “airbrushed pictures of vaginas” or “unretouched pictures of vaginas”. Lately, the hits we get are from searches for “walmart school ads” or some variation of that. We get hits on ‘mom blogs political’ and ‘blogging mom’ and ‘my mother’s blog’ – which occasionally make me wonder if someone is really looking for their mother’s blog. But tonight’s search phrase really made me do a double take it was secret messages in Walmart t-shirts. So I did what any curious blog owner would do – I Googled it. And found:

Walmart Promotes Promiscuity about Walmart selling panties that read “Who needs credit cards..” on the front and “…when you’ve got Santa” on the back.


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