I’ve been trying to formulate a post about ‘how stupid are the American people’ for a couple of days now. It’s one of those things that I remember I’m doing whenever someone points out some other ridiculous statement by the McCain campaign, or bit of idiocy out of Sarah Palin’s mouth and people exclaim, “Surely people must see now!” I’ve been trying to put into words my feeling that no, no, they really don’t see it now – but this was posted today as the opening to a ‘discussion’ in the politics section on www.mylot.com. Seriously, people, I could not make this shit up… this is a direct cut and paste.

Democrat House Leader Lie Again, Said Deal Was Done Liars!

The democrat house made a press release first thing this morning saying it was a done deal,I was scratching my head John McCain had not arrived yet this morning on capitol hill, democrat house leaders and their few fat cat republicans was lying to the American people again,very far from a done deal.
The democrat’s are shaking in their boots the American tax payers paid for,Senator John McCain the Maverick is on capitol hill.
Barack Obama is crying so what the hell is new he wants to talk,talk,and talk even more called Friday night debate,it is looking like John McCain is far more interested in taking care of the business of the America people and have put talk on the back burner,Barack is kicking and screaming like the little kid in the candy store when his mama said no he could not have any candy.
Barack Obama wants a fast end to the 700 billion dollar bail out of course I know he don’t mind spending others peoples money so I expect him to be in a hurry so he can talk,talk,and talk some more but not about the 700 billion dollar bail out the American tax payers is presently facing.
It don’t look at this moment in time Barack Obama the spoiled politician that got a ivy league education at Harvard as a attorney will get his way very possibly the debate will be pushed up a couple days,we are waiting to see how that actually turns out, but right now it is not looking like it will happen tomorrow night.
Other then the loop sided news media the news reports are saying it is a must that Senator John McCain be on capitol hill because he has always been the only one that can bring both parties togeather.
They are saying because McCain is the Maverick only John McCain can pull this together and he will not most likely agree to a bill filled with pork for the greedy rich fat cat’s.
This actually could be very bad, Senator John McCain has put his life and campaign on the line for the American people,if it don’t come togeather we are cooked goose out here on main street,so all should be praying they get a deal that is the right one and in time before the American people go over the cliff,if you don’t pray this is really a good time to start because if the deal is not cut and the right deal for the American people life ahead will make us all realize life in the United States has been dam good.
Will may be Obama will go to the Friday night debate alone,wonder how that works? well time will tell.

I honest to God wish that I could say this is laughable – but I can’t. I can’t because seriously, this person is only a representation of way way too many people that think just like her. Every time she posts one of these ridiculous rants, there are many more who jump in to support her and declare that she is speaking the truth. And it’s not just on this one isolated little site.

As long as we’re walking around believing that most people are rational enough to believe proof and recognize asshattery when they see it being slung from a podium or campaign stage, we are seriously vulnerable to being controlled by idiots. This level of hatefulness is just… it makes me feel unclean, literally. I want to go shower.

And that’s part of the problem. I’ve seen more than once people post a link to some radical right-wing rag and have others respond with ‘can you summarize? I can’t read that garbage…’ We NEED to read that garbage or we have no clue how deeply it goes or how widespread it is. This is scary shit, people. And I could not make this shit up.

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