In response to a discussion about why the label liberal is an insult:

I’m not insulted when someone tries to use that term (liberal) to disparage me. If understanding that skin color has no bearing on potential but a whole lot of bearing on accomplishment marks me as a liberal, I’m proud to be one. If it means that I believe people have a right to share the profits from the companies and businesses they support with their dollars and their sweat, brand it on my forehead. If it means that I believe we have a responsibility as a society to look out for those unable to care for themselves, I’ll wear the label.

I recognize that my country is not always right, that we share a planet with the rest of the world and have some accountability in keeping it alive, that negotiating is better than dictating and that torture is just not okay. What I resent is that liberal is equated with unpatriotic. I love my country enough to want to see it be the best country in the world. I want to see our country regain its status as a true world leader. I want to stop being feared and start being respected again. It’s sad to see the country that I love being regarded as a nation of arrogant, uneducated bullies and boors when I know that we’re so much better than that. Ahem. This little rant brought to you by a day of watching FOX news. Let me just put the soapbox away now.

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