It’s fun reading the ‘mainstream’ soundbyte political commentary online sometimes. Over on Yahoo! Politico, they’re talking about 6 things the Palin pick says about McCain. In a nutshell, VandeHel and Harris say that McCain’s “unorthodox” choice says that he is:

1. desperate
2. willing to gamble
3. worried about his age
4. not worried about his age
5. holding onto his conservative base
6. still a maverick

I’d add one more thing – clueless. Does whoever made this suggestion to McCain really think that -this- woman is the one who is going to appeal to women who would have voted for Hillary but won’t vote for Obama? Seriously? Then someone missed the memo about intelligence – because for damn sure any woman with any concerns about the rights we’ve fought for so hard would not fall for this bait-and-switch trick. Look, she has boobs!


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