Last year, when the news broke about Bush’s suspension of habeas corpus, endorsement of torture in cases of terrorism and issues of domestic spying, I started telling friends that I had serious fears that the upcoming elections would not be held. I had visions of Bush announcing a major terrorist plot – or of a major terrorist attack – in the few weeks before the election that would prompt Bush to use the executive power that he has been building for the past eight years to postpone the election until after the emergency had passed. I was wrong – I was shortsighted. I didn’t foresee that the ‘national emergency’ might not have anything to do with terrorism from the outside. I forgot that the most potent weapon is not a gun, it’s money. Cold, hard cash.

McCain’s announcement that he’s suspending his campaign to go help Congress fix the economy scares the shit out of me, especially coupled with his challenge to Obama to do the same. It’s carefully calculated to make Obama look like a self-serving traitor to the American people if he refuses to do what a ‘responsible’ American does – because we really need McCain, who in his own words ‘doesn’t get the economy’, to go fix the economy. When he’s done fixing the economy, I’m inviting him over to fix my computer.

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