Seriously? From GOP House leader John Boehner’s office

In a dramatic revolt against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) refusal to allow Congress to vote on legislation to increase American-made energy and lower gas prices, House Republicans today refused to leave the House floor after Speaker Pelosi adjourned the House for the five-week August break, staying in the chamber to speak directly to Americans watching the historic event unfold above the floor in the House gallery. Even after lights, cameras, and microphones in the chamber were turned off, House Republicans were undeterred, continuing to make speech after speech demanding that Speaker Pelosi listen to the calls of the American people – including those coming from whistling, applauding, and cheering Americans sitting in the gallery – for more environmentally-responsible drilling for oil and gas here at home to reduce the price at the pump. Rep. John Culberson (R-TX) defied the Democratic majority by providing live updates on the protest via Twitter directly from the House floor.

Dramatic revolt? Heroic actions? Updates by Twitter? Okay – so it’s comedic gold – especially when you read the way the headlines twist the facts. My favorites are the ones that spin the vote to open up offshore oil drilling as ‘vote to lower gas prices‘ and Pete Hoekstra’s Twitter feed from the floor that included gems like “Shame! Shame! Capital Hill police working under strict orders to shut Capital down at 430 pm today. Speaker Pelosi wants this shut down now ” and This is a new Boston Tea Party. Gallery is engaged. People are excited. Rep Brady asking why Speaker isn’t here. Where are you? and my favorite Twitter from John Culbertson “”This is a historic first – conservatives will not go quietly home and neglect our duty to vote to bring down energy prices”. It’s a historic first when conservatives don’t neglect their duty to vote – seriously?

But the very best part of the entire ridiculous episode – the part that marked it as a publicity stunt to get some feel-good-vibe going in a seriously lacking Republican campaign – was the fact that the brave revolutionaries ended their Boston Tea Pary at 5:15 – in time to catch their trains and planes home in time for dinner. I guess no one told them real revolutionaries and protesters go to jail.

But just in case anyone thinks that they didn’t sacrifice something to make their voices heard, here’s one last Twitter from Hoekstra: Close to a great day. Gave up earlier flights to take last flight out of DC. Northwest then cancellel it. I’ll be staying here overnight


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