It took the energy crisis for one state to make a change that could make life easier for millions of families if it were adopted nationally – the state of Utah is switching all government employees to a four day work week. Instead of five eight hour days, all government workers will be putting in four ten hour workdays, Monday to Thursday. The state estimates that they’ll save millions in energy costs – that’s fifty two days a year that buildings can be shut down to weekend levels of lighting, heat, air conditioning and power consumption. It’s fifty two times thousands of round trips to the office each year. Imagine cutting your transportation costs by 20%? Having an extra full day each week to spend with your family or on your avocations? Reduced child care costs? The full effect is staggering. Obviously, it won’t be a viable solution for all industries – it’s not like we can shut down hospitals and nursing homes an extra day each week… but a forty hour four day work week, adopted across the country, could make a major change in the lives of millions of families.


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