“I have many, many votes and it’s been consistent. And I’ve got a consistent zero from NARAL throughout all those years. … My record is clear.” He has also bragged to the media that his record has “been pro-life, unchanging and unwavering.”

Who said it?
That would be McCain, who still thinks he can skate into the presidency on votes from disaffected Hillary supporters. Taking pride in his pro-life voting record is only one example of McCain’s anti-women stance. In addition to vowing that he will appoint Supreme Court justices who will strike down Roe v. Wade, he also:

  • voted to require parental consent for teen access to contraceptives
  • voted against funding for teen pregnancy prevention
  • opposed legislation to require abstinence-only education programs to be medically accurate
  • voted to abolish funding for birth control and gynecological care for low-income women
  • voted against funding for public education on emergency contraception
  • voted against requiring insurance companies to cover prescription contraception
  • supports Bush’s restoration of the gag rule that cuts federal funding for any organization that provides even information about abortion
  • opposes funding international family planning efforts
  • didn’t vote on the Ledbetter Pay Equity bill – but spoke against it
  • supports Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy which are damaging to low and middle income women and families
  • voted at least six times to restrict, limit or reduce health insurance programs for low income children and pregnant women
  • voted against tax credits to small businesses that offer health insurance to employees
  • voted against tax credits to help seniors and their families/caretakers to provide long term care (women cover a disproportionate percentage of elder care)
  • voted 7 times for legislation that restricted funding for Medicaid
  • voted 18 times for measures that cut or restricted Medicare

Read the full report by Kate Sheppard at Alternet.


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