So I’m watching Dr. Who because the kids happen to love the show and I catch the most delightful little bit of dialog between Dr. Who and a complete blowhard of a ‘master of the house’.

Dr. Who: And why aren’t the flags flying here, sir?
Man (to his wife): There you see, I told you. Get the flags up, now, get them up there.
Dr. Who: Hold on, here, hold on. You’ve got two big hands. Why aren’t you putting them up?
Man: Well, because it’s housework, then, isn’t it?
Dr. Who: And housework is women’s work, is it?
Man: Well, yes, of course.
Dr. Who: And what gender is the Queen, sir?
Man: Why, she’s female!
Dr. Who: And are you suggesting that the Queen does _housework_?

Gotta love it. Oh, and if you want to read a better account of it than mine, you’ll find it here


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